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Old discord server is back!

Join the new (old) discord server using this link:

SkittleMC is back!

Skittle is in a far better place than before! This marks our 1st anniversary and boy have many things changed. We've upgraded the server to 1.16 and introduced a big economy update, unfortunately due to us upgrading to a more modern version a lot of data was lost such as player ranks, and it was not possible transfer it over to the newer version. Although hopefully this upgrade was for the greater good!

Come and join us, things are different now so perhaps you will like our new community! We have many plans and improvements for the server and it will hopefully be more joyful to play nowadays. Unlike those boring old days... Join our discord to stay updated as we post regular updates and changelogs there! See you on the server :)

Skittle Rebranding

We have now changed our name and server to SkittleReborn along with some new graphical changes. Hopefully this is a part of a new and better era for Skittle.

New Website

Welcome to our newly developed SkittleMC website, join the SkittleMC discord for more information at

Thank you for visiting!