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by Steven at 9:21 PM
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Hey guys,

So I decided to leave the house, and because of this the server decided to completely commit suicide.

I cannot fix anything until I'm back home. Until then the server will remain in whitelist while we fix the griefing in pvp and spawn. No player warps etc were damaged.

~ Steven
by Phoenix at 2:09 AM
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Hello everyone. I'd like to talk to you about drama for a moment.

I used to work on a different server, before eventually coming to Skittle. On this server, there was a consistent problem with drama. There were certain individuals, who, when they didn't like someone, they would consistently harass that individual, spreading rumors just to defame them, and sometimes even going as far as to falsify information to set people up. Because of this, many players left, and many staff members resigned. That server isn't in a good spot today.

We have noticed something similar starting to happen on this server. Certain individuals are calling out other players/staff members and insulting them, not for constructive criticism, but solely just to bully them. Some individuals have gone as far as sending their friends to harass other players in PMs, and spreading nasty rumors behind staff members backs on separate, player owned discords. Staff members are normally able to tolerate a certain...
by Steven at 9:04 PM
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Hi guys,

You may notice if you PvP a lot or are just generally playing that there's a significant amount of movement lag, and overall block/command lag (though it is hard to notice if you are just doing casual things).

We have even hired an optimization expert to fine tune the server however due to the amount of players we have been getting recently it is hard to push the server to its limits, given how unoptimized the 1.11.2 server software really is.

Main source of lag:
The main culprit of our lag comes from chunk lag - that is hackers flying around our world at top speed consuming resources as the server has to keep up with generating new chunks while they load tens or even hundreds of chunks per second.

It is not just limited to hackers abusing fly speed however, because we offer free fly chunk lag is unfortunately one of the things we have to deal with.

What we're doing to fix this:
Because our world border is 50k by 50k, and because not...
by Steven at 7:52 PM
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It appears our backend machine is offline, currently investigating.

~ Steven
by Steven at 8:03 AM
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Hi guys,

Many have reported that they were unable to sign up on our forums as they were not receiving the confirmation email. I am pleased to say this is now fixed, and if you have registered recently just click the resend URL and you'll receive your email! :)

~ Steven
by Steven at 10:05 AM
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Implementing Thursday @ 12:00am EST

Because we are getting a larger SSD we have decided we are going to double the world border and make it 50,000 x 50,000 blocks (applies to negative as well). So for most of you, you should be pretty safe. But for the 0.15% of you who have builds outside this area, you will have to have one of us move your things.


How do I know if I am within the bounds?
You will not be spammed on your screen every 10 seconds warning you about being outside the region.

When will flight speed be back?
After we've implemented the border. It is disabled to prevent people from flying out millions of blocks like they were before.

Help I am being spammed on screen about the message how do I get my stuff moved?
Reply to the thread with this template:
  1. Warp or coords to your build
  2. Where you want us to move your build (warp or coords)
  3. Your username
** Not moving vanilla mansions

Thanks guys :)
~ Steven
by Steven at 11:27 PM
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Hi guys,

If you have been over 25k blocks recently you may have been spammed with this message:

The main reasons for implementing this world border are:
  1. Our disk space is filling up WAY too quickly. It's got to the point where we had to order a second SSD just to accommodate.
  2. It lags the server considerably. When people are hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of blocks out from the center of the map, this uses up both memory resources for the server as well as CPU resources as it has to generate millions of chunks doing so.
  3. When the world border is implemented, we can introduce /speed back to those who purchased it since all the chunks that within the 25k x 25k area will already be generated. Therefore, flying around the map at top speed will load chunks very quickly with minimal resource impact on the server's machine.

If you need any help moving your house etc reply to this post with:

  1. Coords or a warp to where your...
by Steven at 5:17 PM
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Hi guys,

I am pleased to announce we have recovered our recent forums data and are now running on the most recent version (from Friday) before they went offline. :)

~ Steven
by Steven at 8:03 AM
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EDIT: Server back online and claims restored!

Server has went under lockdown while we fix the claiming plugin. Server should be back up soon within 30 minutes, we have everything fully under control.

~ Steven
by Steven at 2:55 AM
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Hello everyone!

My name is Steven, and I'd like to welcome you to the SkittleMC server! In short, we are a survival server all about chilling, socializing, and generally having a great time. We offer features such as:
  • Land claiming
  • Marriage
  • Free fly
  • Social, lively community
SkittleMC is backed by professional staff members that have experience moderating servers of this similar playing style. Our server is built around the core principle of simply having fun and relaxing. We hope you enjoy what we have created, and hope to see you online very soon!

As always, we are open to everyone's suggestions on how we can further improve SkittleMC to make it the best server possible. You may do this in the features and suggestions sections on these forums. Thanks! :)

~ Steven