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Hey, could you take a look at my appeal? Angel tagged you in it almost a week ago, and lexie is away...
Hey, do you know if Neil is busy.. or if he is still active? bc I have a ban appeal that Angel tagged him in but he hasnt responded in almost a week...
Yo, i made an appeal like 2weeks ago and it still isnt resolved, do I just buy an unban?
Same.. but like 1 week ago. Angel responded but only to tag lexie and niel, niether of whom have rEspOnDED Lexie is away tho so thats all good but NeIL WHYY
Please take a look at my forum purchase help post.. I really need someone to help me with it,
Sadly I'm not in charge of the purchase support, I believe they will be resolved soonly when the managers have more time on their hands. Please have patience and wait!
Thanks for atleast clarifying. I was worried there were no active/caring admins ya know. But thanks this makes me feel a bit better. If you have a chance.. maybe tell them about me but if you cant thats okay too.