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Hey erm, can you please tell me why dankr accepted my punishment appeal yet didn't unban me? or was it a typo and he meant to deny it... Not sure.
Hello dankr, how are you today. As I have had a look at the punishment appeal I had posted, I was in relief that it got accepted. But, when I logged onto skittle, it had said I was still banned. May you please unban me, or was it a typo, meaning it got denied?

Cheers, Ganqued.
Hi Staff i recently got banned for i taked on a Admin suffix i didn't know it was not allowed. I saw a warning i thinked it was a warning on ZhycoLogic. If i get unbanned i change on it with an moment. Again sorry so much i didn't know that.
Aren't my punishments a year in the past? Except for the one I mentioned?
Some are, some are not. Its the fact that you literally were punished in the past 2-days by one of our discord mods that pushed my decision.
Alright, thanks for the feedback Siruoha. I'll wait till like 17 or something. Thanks so much for reading my application : P
@Raj can u do smth about my purchase-support reply? last time i waited 2 months...
now is allrdy close 3weeks... mods are only checking my replys...