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Hey! I am logging back in now and will be more active. I just saw that my application got denied and I understand why. Funny thing is, it has been exactly a month :P I shall re-apply! I'm glad to be back on here!
lol ur report on theemployed person isn't even a scAM
Kiddo, I got scammed out of 100m. Take it or leave it, I'm not asking for your opinion. If the moderator says it isnt, it isnt. If I get my compensation finally, it is. Leave it alone
And kiddo, I may not be on all the time, but player or forum senority should be respected. Before commenting on something, make sure you have the full view
Hm, well. A scam is where for e.g. you buy something, and do not get it. If they just log off, that's a scam. Not writing in a book that you'll get 100m.
However, if you pay anything for the book (example), that should be listed as a scam.
Currently working on a large Schematica mansion with my friend. I will post on it in a few days in player creations.
Just made a wonderful clam chowder casserole.
pinch of thyme,
1/half of lemon, lemon zest,
1/half of lemon, lemon juice,
1 can progresso new england clam chowder,
1/half slicing tomato,
handful of chopped kale,
4 stalks finely chopped celery,
5 fresh mini sweet peppers chopped in rings (place on top after baking),
half of a sweet white onion,
two spoons garlic,
two stalks fresh green onion.