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Thread deleted after calling out staff!

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Wow, I though staff would be more mature than this. I called out a staff member for being rude in a player report, didn't even name the staff member by name, and so they completely delete the post! So here it is again, this time with the staff member. I was calling for a more complete list to avoid situations like this, Weak is NOT listed as an Owner, nor did he address himself as such, even begged not to be reported and left the server!:
  1. Essential Information
    • Your Minecraft Username: TheRandomHawk
    • Name of reported player: Weak
    • Date and time: Feb 9, 2018 at 11:00 PM
    Detailed Information
    • Description:
      Not sure what hacks, but was able to use buttons, open doors, and chests on my claim. nothing is enabled on claim and no trusted players.
    • Evidence:
      I couldn't get the evidence quick enough, took off when I caught him. I know this will probably get denied but wanted it here so people watch out.

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  2. Pik_A_Boo

    Jul 29, 2017
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    First of all, Weak has ownership on the server

    Secondly, no evidence at all

    Don't waste our time

    Thread Locked


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That doesn't seem rude at all.

First of all, Weak has ownership on the server
This is a fact. Not rude.
Secondly, no evidence at all
This is also a fact. Not Rude.
This is another fact. Take a step back and put yourself in a moderator's shoes. They have tons of reports every day, and when they get one that is calling out an owner for hacking (additionally, it has no proof) that is probably pretty frustrating.

You can only imagine how hard it is to address all these morons issues, especially when they have no proof. Pika's choice of words was not rude at all, and was just telling you that you need to do a better job when submitting a report. Proof is necessary and when you submit a report without proof there is nothing they can do about it, so you are quite literally wasting their time.

Sorry dude, but this thread is pointless.
First off, first part, rude expecting everyone to know that Weak has ownership and faulting someone for something that isn't even listed so unless they had a run-in with him in-game, would not know this. Slightly rude to do so.

Second, the no evidence at all, I STATED THAT MYSELF WHEN MAKING THE REPORT EXPLAINING WHY I PUT THE REPORT UP IN THE FIRST PLACE! It was redundant to restate no evidence when I had already done so. Its like she didn't even read the entire report which is also rude to do so.

Third, Don't waste our time was rude to say for something that takes all of 2 minutes to complete. If I was in her shoes, or any other mod would have said something more like:
Weak has ownership, sorry for the confusion.
Or Weak is Raj, he is staff. Sorry for the confusion.

Of course Raj isn't completely innocent in all this, he did NOT address himself as staff at any point. He acted like a hacking player messing with things on my claim and when told that I thought he was hacking, simply said "please don't report" and left.
Proof is necessary and when you submit a report without proof there is nothing they can do about it, so you are quite literally wasting their time.
As I said in my report that I had no proof, just wanting this out there because seemed like a dangerous hack for someone to have to be able to ignore claims. It doesn't take much time at all, I watch the reports all the time, it a single day from the reports I have seen, it would only take maybe one person an hour at most to go through them. I have done it myself with another clan on another game with a similar setup. 50+ reports a day, took about 2 hours by myself.


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Obviously you haven't even read the whole story...try actually reading before posting. The only staff I'm calling out isn't even staff anymore now.. pikaboo is gone
You were complaining about Raj.
[doublepost=1519516151,1519516083][/doublepost]Anyways, you’re very mature and deserve staff 10/10.
Not over-reacting to the original post, more to the fact I had made a thread mostly for the point of if there should be a more complete list of who is actually staff, didn't even name PikABoo by name, and she deleted the entire thing cause she couldn't take feedback. The only issue was the behavior of one staff member, who is no longer here, I was done with this a week ago but people keep dragging it out when it is no longer relevant because of that fact. If staff is reading this, could you please lock this thread as it is not relevant anymore and doesn't need to be replied to.
Raj is weak. He is listed as an owner.
And that I didn't know cause the name Weak is not on the list.
[doublepost=1519521757][/doublepost]@Siruoha could you please lock thread
Professionally, wasn’t the ideal thing on her part, however it wasn’t on yours either.

Maturity does come in a big play here and indirectly posting this in general discussion to argu with other players doesn’t help your case.

Something civil you could of done was to Email [email protected] and or message the staff manager at the time (Phoenix).
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