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Resolved Server Maintainence

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Absolutely not. We still have all claim data. Shit just breaks sometimes it sucks.
Umm, there is one post I made on a missing backpack, I hope it gets reviewed, the shouts, trails, and clear lag all hate me, I cant see shouts, use trails, or get warned by clear lag. And I have won about 3 backpacks, which diamond could only return one. I won one today


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All claim data is still fully intact. The plugin simply didn't load and we are fixing.
Thank you for being totally on top of this too many owners just make a server than look the other way I glad I found a server that the owner works to keep it prime. This allows me to be creative!
Ok sounds good, thanks for getting this done. It would have been chaos if the staff didn't catch on quick enough. Someone could have claimed someones items, and then it would be to much for the server to rollback, I assume.
Lol if I were about to fall asleep I would wake up to a disaster upon imagination. So thankful I found out about this 11 minutes into it happening so I could take appropriate action.
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