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Resolved Regarding recent Skyblock money exploit


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Hey steven, What about RP? Do you even care about anymore... Its very bad right now. The economy is more broken than datpixels what the hell... last year, the richest player had 500mil and now they have billions and loads of prot 24. The map is still the same and you told me in private message youd change it... Im disappointed. People that do /kit ultra get rekt in pvp its nothing anymore prot 12 in RP. Did you see how broken RP is??? Really, reset RP atleast and restart the economy. Dont delete ranks but just reset RP, everything is broke and the map is used af. And its not normal that after 1 year a server was created that the economy is already broken. I bet no one buy your 1mil in store because its nothing. Have a good day


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also i know this isent the place for this but i would like help from and staff member in game regarding the donor shop and some of my perms. my user name is _67_.


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so I like the fact the in the skyblok spawn you can get drag in the pvp pit using fishing rods I do not like this and I needs to
1 change or
2 stop
mainly because I repeatedly die and losing all my stuff over and over again simply because I was talking to a friend in chat
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Some of you may have noticed Skyblock economy got out of hand last night. Basically there was an exploit in one of our plugins (now patched) that allowed people to dupe money. Basically 2 people carried out this and paid large sums of money to random people on the server.

Anyone who was paid non legit money had those transactions reversed, some balances also went to 0 just because of how abusive the recipient was, etc.

If you notice you're banned, there's probably a good reason for it. We saw many people try and hide their money with bank notes, others bought stacks of spanners, etc. I spent a very long time tracing every transaction and where money went.

Those who spent their money with their non legit money and used it for their island had their islands rolled back 12 hours (this affected at most 10 people).

Lastly, any bank note that was made before yesterday are no longer valid. The reason being is many people tried this tactic to "redeem their money later on" and possibly thought if they hid from baltop, then they could just use the notes to get their money again.

Hopefully that clears things up!
- Steven
I didnt know you would get banned?


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pls help I was given the money and I spent it but I did not know there was consaquenses but I baught spawners I will do anything to not get banned I will give them back