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Open [RECRUITING] Project - " Riverside "


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Project " Riverside " info:

-Project officaly started 24/1/19
-Number of builders: 1
- 80% finished
-Theme: Italian town


What to expect in update:
- Hisory of Riverside
- Recruiting staff / citizens
- Recruiting designer ( designer ain't builders )
- Recruiting builder
- Special thanks to specific players
- Looking for partners
- Recruiting format
- Looking for farmers / fishermans / traders
- Adding rulesa
- Adding more information to topic
and more...

[Screenshots]: Town:

[Screenshots]: Ship

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Hey BraceAsp, I would like you to come back on Skittle for a bit. I want to collaborate on something. Write back if you're interested.


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I am having someone schematica it for me, as they said they would just do it then. I would still hope you come back on, I think you are a good contribution to the building community of skittle


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It took me a while maybe week ( still not finished ), I spent more time on town because houses have 4 sides while ship have "3 sides " and sails. Ship looks huge because of sails, so someone would say thats hard to build but its actually not. About rank, no thanks, I don't want anyone to spend anything on me, and it will stay so. It's true Aspor offered rank token multiple times but I refused.