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Announcement New site background

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Oh man thats so pretty
[doublepost=1527083366,1527083063][/doublepost]But now that I've properly looked at it, I think the logo also needs to change to fit the new background, cause that logo doesn't really fit and it makes me uncomfortable now..


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Hi guys,

Just implemented our new custom site background, let me know what you all think!

If you don't see it yet, hold down shift and press the refresh button in your browser :)

- Steven
The other one was wayyyy better this one lacks color unlike the other one ;-;
and wew whoever did thats a artist :OO


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Last one looked like some low quality clip art garbage (which it was). This is at least an improvement, but still not our final background.

Yes, hand drawn artist was commissioned
Would of been wayyy better as a candy store with rainbow lolly pops ;DD and skittles
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