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Guide Network Rules

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Major Offenses

Leaking Personal Info

Punishment: Temporary/Permanent Ban

Leaking someone’s personal information is a violation of privacy, and can potentially be dangerous to them in some cases.
  • Leaking someone’s specific location (city, address, coordinates), pictures of themselves, contact information, social media (against their wishes), or explicit pictures (nudity) is punishable with a permanent ban, regardless of how this information was acquired.

Asking for Nudes

Punishment: Permanent Ban

This has remained our strictest rule on the server. Don't even bother joking about it, it's not worth the trouble.
  • Distributing nudes, asking a player for nudes, or asking a player to perform sexual acts on camera (especially an underage player) will result in a Permanent Ban.
  • Asking/Providing Social media will result in a Permanent Ban if there is reason to believe it is for the purpose of distributing/collecting nudes.

Staff Impersonation/Faking Server Systems

Punishment: Kick, Temporary Ban, or Permanent Ban.
  • Claiming to be a staff member, or doing something (e.g. changing your suffix/nickname) that would make people think you are a staff member when you aren't one.
  • Doing something to mimic Console or a server plugin/system.

IP Logging/Phishing/DDoS Threats

Punishment: Permanent Ban.

This is illegal in most countries with a stable government.
  • Threatening to DDoS or DoX someone.

  • Attempting to collect passwords, personal info, or IPs by posting a suspicious link.


Punishment: Permanent Ban.

We stated this on the store page as well. You are not allowed to charge back on any purchases.
  • Charging back on purchases will result in an automated permanent ban until the money is returned.

  • If someone else purchased something for you and charged back, you will be IGN-banned (Just have that name banned), and will still be able to purchase an unban, but the buyer will be blacklisted from SkittleMC. Having others purchase items for you is a by-risk situation, and it's completely on your end if they end up chargebacking on you and you get banned.


Punishment: Temporary or Permanent Ban.

No big-name server allows this. It hurts the server and can lead players to potentially dangerous places.
  • Posting an IP or server site through any on-server means (signs, books, /msg, chat, etc) is punishable with a permban.

  • Attempting to sell your Minecraft Account on the server is punishable with a ban.

  • Posting pornographic links or advertising pornsites will result in a mute or ban.

  • Mentioning other servers can be punishable with a mute.

  • Excessively advertising Youtube/Twitch channels or Discord Servers from a non-associate can be punishable with a mute.

Mute/Ban Evasion

Punishment: Temporary or Permanent Ban.

You are expected to either serve your punishment out or appeal it on the forums in the Ban Appeals section. Your account is your responsibility. Don’t lend your account to a banned friend if you don’t want to be banned yourself.
  • Attempting to evade a ban or mute will result in a harsher punishment, possibly including a permanent ban.
  • If we have reasonable suspicion you are evading on a different IP, we reserve the right to deal with you as we see fit.

  • Your account is your responsibility. Don’t lend your account to a banned friend if you don’t want to be banned yourself.

Forging Information

Permanent Ban.

This is blatantly dishonest and can deal a huge amount of damage to someone. We have no tolerance for it.
  • Creating fake evidence for a report/ban appeal.

  • Lying about a staff member’s actions.

Hacked Clients

Punishment: Temporary or Permanent Ban.
  • Logging onto the server with a Hacked Client or illegal mod.

  • Possessing a “Ghost client”.

  • In some cases, we may request you to screenshare. If you do not immediately accept, we reserve the right to ban you. Any person caught with a hacked client or third-party application that gives an unfair advantage in-game will be subject to punishment at the discretion of the Staff Member.


Punishment: Temporary or Permanent Ban.

Destroying other people’s creations or stealing their stuff makes the game less fun. Players are encouraged to utilize our claims system, and be careful of who they /trust to their claim.
  • Destroying things, stealing things, or creating undesirable structures near a claim is considered griefing.

  • Players should utilize our claims system to protect their land. Right-click on opposite corners of an area with a wooden shovel to create a claim.

TP-Killing/Warp Killing/TP-Trapping

Punishment: Temporary or Permanent Ban.
  • Teleporting to a player/Having a player warp/teleport to you somehow, and killing them before they had time to react.
  • Misleading a player to get them to teleport or warp into a death trap through some means.
  • Trapping a player inside a Nether Portal.


Punishment: Temporary or Permanent Ban.

If you make a deal, you are expected to hold your end of the bargain. Players are encouraged to take screenshots or recordings of all transactions.
  • Making a deal with a player involving a trade of goods or services, and not fulfilling your half of the deal.

Illicit Gambling

Punishment: Temporary or Permanent Ban.

While casinos can be a fun and easy source of revenue if you're lucky, using one to scam people is far too easy. Please abide by the following rules and play responsibly.
  • Grass/Flower Casinos aren't allowed. The only casinos allowed are redstone operated ones.
  • Casinos are subject to a random inspection at any time.
  • Casino owners are liable for casino scamming done by their casino workers.

Intentional Lag

Punishment: Kick, Temporary Ban, or Permanent Ban.
  • Entering an area and spamming it with items.

  • Creating a device that we believe was engineered to generate lag.

Illegal Items

Punishment: Temporary or Permanent Ban.

These items may provide an unfair advantage. If you turn them over to us instead of using them, we may chose not to punish you.
  • Refusing to turn over items that the player was not intended to be able to receive.

  • Trying to create store-specific items.

Bug Exploitation

Punishment: Kick, Temporary Ban, or Permanent Ban.
  • Doing anything that takes advantage of a bug, or something that goes against what’s intended to occur on the server.

  • Advertising a Bug to other players may be punishable with a mute.

Death Threats/Suicide Encouragement

Punishment: Temporary Mute, Temporary Ban, or Permanent Ban.
  • Telling someone that you will kill or harm them.
  • Telling someone to kill themselves, wishing death upon someone, or telling someone to do something that would clearly result in death.

  • Punishment will vary depending on level of detail and past offenses.

Selling in-game items/money for IRL currency

Punishment: Permanent ban
  • Offering in-game money or OP gear in exchange for PayPal funds
  • Advertising publicly that you are offering items/money for IRL currency

  • This offence usually has no option to appeal


Punishment: Temporary Mute, Temporary Ban, or Permanent Ban.
  • Spewing hateful comments about a race, religion, gender, or using a slur.
  • Using a racial slur, and/or the words n*g/n*gga/negro (except when speaking spanish). Censoring it partially with letters, numbers, or symbols, or using it to fulfill a meme will not excuse you from punishment.
PLEASE NOTE: These rules are also carried over onto the SkyBlock Server!

Obstructing Staff Enforcement

Punishment Varies at the Staff Member’s Discretion.

Moderators exist to do a job. Impeding them from doing their job is not beneficial to the server. If a staff member is asking you to do something illegal, please make a Staff Report in the player reports section.
  • Refusing to comply with a staff member, or inhibiting them from doing their job.

  • Aiding or abetting someone in breaking a rule.
  • Creating false reports.

  • Lying about a staff member’s actions for self-benefit.

  • Behaving like a moderator when you are not one may be punishable depending on the staff member’s wishes. (e.g. Minimodding)

  • Telling a moderator how to perform their job may be punishable depending on circumstance.

  • Pretending to break a rule or “joking about it” does not entitle you to a repealed punishment.

Moderate Offenses

Promoting Drama

: Temporary Mute, Temporary Ban, or Permanent Ban.
  • Attempting to create/participate in drama that harasses a player.

  • Encouraging other people to make a scene and cause drama.

  • Attempting to start a riot for any reason, including rioting to Staff decisions.


Punishment Varies Depending on Situation.
  • Peppering a player with several comments made with the intent to annoy the player.
  • Targeting a specific player with hateful comments when they enter a chat.

  • Stalking someone.

  • Being in someone’s claim/plot against a claim/plot owner/trustee’s wishes. Failing to comply with the plot owners request can lead to a punishment from server staff.

  • Repeatedly asking a player or staff member for ranks/items when they have stated they will not provide them.

  • Trying to circumvent /eignore to talk to a player.
  • Blackmailing a player.
  • Leaking information about a player that they didn't want leaked.
  • Repeatedly asking a player for sex when they have said no. (Sexual Harassment)
  • Making non-consensual sexual advances onto a player, that are either deemed as too severe, or are conducted after the player requested for it to stop. (Sexual Harassment)
  • Harassing player(s) in a way that seems like a group effort may result in harsher punishments than normal. (Large-Scale Harassment)
  • Doing anything that the majority of the senior staff can agree would count as harassment and be potentially harmful to a player.

Player Disrespect/Staff Disrespect

Punishment: Temporary Mute, Temporary Ban, or Permanent Ban.

Players are encouraged to use the /eignore feature if being targeted by someone.
  • Attacking players indiscriminately with many hateful comments, possibly about the player's race or religion, using profanity and charged language.

General Toxicity

Punishment: Punishment Varies at the Staff Member’s Discretion
  • Doing anything that the majority of the senior staff can agree is “toxic” and detrimental to the server.

Emote/Command Spam

Punishment: Kick, Temporary Ban, or Permanent Ban.

    • Spamming emotes in chat, or spamming a player with several emotes against their wishes.

    • Spamming commands in a way that affects other players (e.g. spamming /smite or /pay) may be punishable.

Minor Offenses

Punishment: Warning or Temporary Mute

This makes it difficult for people to use public chat for talking/etc, and is very annoying.
  • Posting several messages within the span of approximately 10 seconds may be considered chatflooding depending on the situation.

  • Posting very similar messages approx. every 30 seconds or less is considered spam.

Character Spam/Toxic Fonts

Warning or Temporary Mute

This can also pose challenges for people trying to talk with each other in public chat, for the same reason as spam.
  • Typing random characters into chat.

  • Using L()()K and/or an arrow longer than approx. 5 characters.

  • Repeating certain letters in a word to make it longer.
  • Spamming the same character on the same line.
  • Using toxic fonts/characters, and/or fonts & characters other than standard unicode text.


Punishment: Warning or Temporary Mute

We do not need people yelling over each other, as it can inhibit people trying to converse in public chat.
  • Typing a message with too many capital letters in it.

Things to note

  • Claims owned by people who are offline for longer than 4 months may be unclaimed at the discretion of a staff member. People trusted to the claim get first dibs.
  • Lying about commands in a way that causes irreversible damage to an inventory is punishable with a mute. (e.g. Promoting players to clear their inventories)
  • You cannot use the colors &0 (Black) or &1 (Dark Blue) in nicknames, chatcolors, or suffixes.

  • You cannot use &k in nicknames.

  • Enderpearls are not allowed in PvP.
  • Fishing Rods are not allowed in PvP.
  • /God is allowed in PvP (Do not use a bow to obstruct players by setting them on fire & do not pick up items dropped by killed players etc whilst /god is enabled).
  • Do not use pets in the PvP Arena.
  • Combat Logging/Warping during a fight in PvP is now punishable and can result in a temporary or permanent ban depending on the amount of punishments given. (Including SkyBlock) - Jumping into the void to avoid PvP is not allowed and will result in the same punishment.

  • Distribution of Child Pornography will result in all associated evidence being sent to law enforcement.
  • Bans that say [No Unbans] mean that you will not be unbanned unless your appeal is accepted. Keep this in mind when on our store.
Punishments may vary depending on staff, player history, and severity of situation. Punishments for different offences may be stacked on top of each other.

You are allowed to appeal for any punishments longer than a day in: https://skittlemc.com/forums/appeals/

Please put in effort, be sincere, and provide as much evidence as possible. Staff members will hold onto evidence for approx. 72 hours; after that, the burden of proof is on you.
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