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Oct 3, 2017
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Land Unclaiming
The rules as they currently stand regarding unclaiming players claims are:

The player must have been offline for a minimum of 120 days
All players that are trusted on the claim must also have been offline for 120 days. This is to ensure that there are no active players still using the claim to store items or other purposes. (Unclaiming the property while trustees are still active could mean those players would lose access to their property, that is why we won't directly unclaim it.)

When asking a staff member for an unclaim, they will make a note of who you are, who the claim belongs to and what the claims location is. This information is then passed onto the senior staff to process the request and check if the claim can be unclaimed and unclaim the land, or whether it can't be unclaimed and for the reason to be passed back down to the staff member handling the request so that may tell the player the reason that it can't be unclaimed as well as the name of the trusted players on the claim to contact if that is the case.

If the claim has trusted players on it then they get the first choice of having the claim transferred over to them.
You may communicate with a trustee to ask them if you may have it, to which end you must have the trustee mail staff saying that they don't want the claim, then it can be transferred over to the new owner. If the trustee doesn't give the permission, then you will have to wait.

Once the claim has been transferred over to the new owner, they will have the right to remove the claim and destroy the house, or build upon the property and maintain it.

To summarize:

1. Find land over 120 days old.
2. Talk to a member of staff and ask them to teleport to you and that you'd like to have the land (Unclaimed / Transferred) over to you.
3. Check the claim daily to see if it's been Unclaimed or transferred as per the request.
4. If there are any issues then then staff member will get in contact with you with the reason you may not have the claim.
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