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Jan 2, 2019
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*Ign: Cyclician
*Category: Updates/suggesions
*Urgency: Your server is fucking dying you better update it (high I guess)

Make it so armor stands wont disappear and actually stay just as item frames do.
Hoppers should have an setting where you can choose how many items at once can get transported.
add limited mcmmo (at least salvage/smelting/repair)
add a feature that if you hover over a name you can see his generall stats, (balance,ign,married/single+to who,the warp the person has the strongest allegiance to)
add a /allegiancewarp command just so the thing above makes sense
End and nether should reset every month
what the hell are tools doing in a "pvp crate" put them in the common crate or create a new one
make claims that are older then the limit disbandable by ultra+ ranked players
add a sell funktion to /shop
redo some prices in /shop
add a /plot menu command to : toggle pvp, list the players that have perms, age, owner, banned players, enable/disable tnt
add a /plot ban command. If a banned player enteres the plot he gets teleported to spawn
make items renamable with collours and the & commands for players with rainbow
add a /delwarp command if a warp is located in a claim that is older then the unclaiming limit
make players with legend+ use /delwarp [name] to unclaim their own warps
add a /plot list command to track all claims even if you lose one
add a /inspect command to see all of the public created warps by a player
add a /warp public and /warp private command
add a /warp add [name] command to add a person to the list of players who may access the warp
add a /trade command
add a /withdraw command
add a /brag command for players with platinum+ that shows you inventory
add a /item command for players with plus+ that shows the item your currently holding
/invsee should show the armor the player is wearing while being inspected
the top 3 /warps should be voted on by the players
the top 3 warp creators should get a reward
ultra+ players should be able to use /hologram create this should be limited to 5 holograms for ulta and 10 for rainbow
add a /claimblock sell command to sell your claimblocks to other players who might need them
the owners of the top 3 /warps should get rep points
add a /toggleheal and a /togglefeed command so you cant be feeded/healed by other players
add a /togglepay command
add a /plot kick [time] command to kick players from a plot
/donorshop needs a redo
/warp adminshops should sell prismarin
if no staff is on rainbows should have a /mute and /kick accessability to kick spamming players such as hackers.
you shouldnt be able to pick up items at /warp pvp if your in /god
you should only be able to have limited time claims of 2 weeks in nether/end
enable /ah make items such as ranks unsellable
add a /filter command
add a /filter edit command to customize what items you want to pick up
add a /seen command for if you dont have access to a claim of the person you search for
add a /duel command
make sponges 1 punch
make sponges also soak up lava
get a new pvp arena
add a koth event
make /fix work in the pvp area
make it so you cant pick up items if your in /god
fix the private roleplays
add a /togglemsg command
add a limit of characters that can be send in chat in 1 message
add a /disponsal command where you can clear out stuff in your inventory
update the online shop
the shop portal at spawn should send you to /warp adminshop instead of opening /Shop
add a /help command
persons with a yt chanel should have a Youtube prefix that links to its yt
same for twitch streamers just a Twitch prefix that links to its twitch
add a bid section for items on /ah
add golden preasure plates in form of timers start and end

make the nether bigger
make voting rewards better
/warp adminshops should sell spawn eggs and spawners
add a /adminshops command to open a new shop
add a combat timer that automatically kills you when you log out in combat in the pvp area.
add trench tools that blast mine 3x3 / 5x5 / 7x7 areas. add a 2nd oncely kits for legend,ultra and rainbow where you could get those.

this should be unclaimable

I'm rainbow and I should be able to remove my own warp

Why is this not a thing?

I bet these arent the best warps

These aren't new

the rewards arent amazing

if its off anyways all the time just make it 50$ in generall (same for the other ranks n' shit on the store)

arent new

ok seriously tho, This is not how you do servers. Spamming chat with your 99% and 95% off messages aint the way to go.
Listen to the community and update the server. I bet people will buy ranks more often then now. I cant make you do it but I can strongely suggest you to actually do it. Yall want money we want updates. Why not go hand in hand.

if you need any more detailed information msg me ingame or on dc(I'm in the skittlemc dc)
tbh I'm not expecting anything since yall dont put effort into shit except new ranks

ok whatever pce


(I'll keep expanding this btw)
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