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May 22, 2017
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SkittleMC Discord Rules

All Network Rules apply along with the Discord Rules. Punishments may vary.​

Pornographic Content
Punishment: Permanent Ban.
  • Sending pornographic images/videos.
  • Linking a pornographic website.
  • Sexting/sex roleplaying on discord.

Punishment: Permanent Ban.
Impersonating someone allows you to exploit and harass people in many different ways.
  • Impersonating a staff member or popular internet personality.
  • Impersonating a player in a way that defames them or causes harassment.
  • Impersonating a player in order to get them punished.

Voice Changers/Soundboards/Ear Rape

Punishment: Server Mute or Permanent Ban
This gets annoying very quickly.
  • Using a voice changer/voice modification software.
  • Using a loud input/microphone volume in a voice channel.
  • Inappropriate or excessive use of a soundboard.
  • Having loud background noise in a public channel for extended periods of time without resolving it.

Toxic Memes
Punishment: Temporary or Permanent Ban
Oy vey! Oy vey!
  • 9/11 memes, anti-semitic memes, sexual memes, racist memes, terrorist memes, and school shooter memes are not allowed in any text channels.

Punishment: Warning, Kick, Temporary Ban, or Permanent Ban.
Getting spammed with audio notifications is not only annoying, but can disrupt important activities.
  • Tagging the same person, role, or channel, repeatedly.
  • Using “@here” without permission from an Admin+.

EXP Grinding

Punishment: Punishment Varies at the Staff Member’s Discretion.
Exploiting systems in order to level up faster than normal is unfair to everyone.
  • Sending similar message(s) every couple of minutes.
  • Sending seemingly random messages every couple of minutes in order to gain EXP.

Misuse of Text Channels
Punishment: Warning, Kick, Temporary Ban, or Permanent Ban.
Use channels for the things they were meant to be used for. Please don’t spam up other channels.
  • Using any bot commands other than !rank in any channel other than #bot.
  • Spamming pictures in #general.
  • Using #staff-support for anything other than getting staff help.

Word/Character Spam
Punishment: Warning, Kick, Temporary Ban, or Permanent Ban.
This serves no purpose other than annoying everyone else trying to look at chat.

Things to note:
- In-game punishments may be applied.
- Inappropriate nicknames may be punishable.
- “Stealing” the bots while they are being used by other people maybe be punishable.
- Disrespecting Staff in anyway can lead to a kick or permanent ban from the Discord.
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