Open Blocked Word List Update.


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Aug 10, 2018
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  • Minecraft Username: JLH_YT
  • Category: Chat
  • Urgency: sooner the better...
Detailed Information
  • Description: Can we please get a list of ALL the words that don't show up in chat when said e.g.
- 100mil
- $100,000,000
- casino

This would just be nice as technically it is public information but just knowing what words won't display a message would be nice so I can adapt my play style such as now doing 99mil cfs instead of 100mil cf so I can still advertise them so people will see etc...

I am not asking these words get removed from the blocked words (yet that would be nice) however just a public list somewhere on the forums that displays all the words that when I say them people won't see them...

I am aware Steven adds words himself such as the 100mil ones so I am not expecting they get removed as Stevens probs had a good reason behind it but it will just make players experience better knowing that their friends aren't ignoring them but instead the words they use are the problem.

- Joshua
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