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Announcement 2017 Christmas Build Competition WINNERS

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Hi guys,

The long-awaited build competition winners are here. As mentioned, winners were selected based on the number of likes individual submissions received. This meant submissions did not undergo any subjective judgement from the staff, but rather players themselves could decide for themselves which submissions they liked best.

Now let's get onto the winners!

First place: silverscorpion77 (32 likes received)

Warp: /warp silverxmas
Comments: This is a seriously well done submission! Amazing color pallet and vibrant theme/vibe overall. Not to mention incredible attention to detail The Christmas tree outside and skating rink were great additions as well. Well done!

Second place: SmolSadPeach (29 likes received)

Warp: /warp Peachmas

Comments: At first I thought this was floating on a donut, then you mentioned it was meant to be a snow globe haha. Again, great color choices + block pallete. The presents/candy canes on the outside were great additions. Well done!

Third place: xKibbeh (27 likes received)

Warp: /warp BuildingCompKib
Comments: Interior of this build was amazingly well done! (though the screenshots don't show it sadly). Great structure and amazing detail on the Christmas tree built on the outside! Also, I noticed a raindeer on the outside as well. Well done!

Fourth place: xUni (14 likes received)

Warp: /warp Gingerbreadlove
Comments: Amazingly detailed and elaborate build! Colorful block pallete and the stripper pole on the inside was a good touch xD. Like many of these builds, the Christmas tree looks snazzy. Also, the Santa sitting on top was a great addition! Well done!

5th place: BlazzeRade (9 likes received)

Comments: I tried to visit this earlier but it seems you removed it from your claim :( Nonetheless, a nice sweet and simple gingerbread house. Well done!

Winner info:
You have all been PM'd your store voucher codes on the forums. If you have any issues using them, please let me know!

Congratulations to all winners! This was a very fun competition we ran! Lots of people enjoyed participating in it, and if you didn't win, there's always next time! In the future we will try to post winners as soon as possible, and once again I apologize for the delay :( Future build competitions could include valentine's day, easter, etc, so stay tuned for that :)

That's all for now!

~ Steven


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We all knew Silver was going to win. LOL.
Congrats everyone! Use your prizes well!

@Steven We need more of these contests. It's a great way for the community to get excited about something.
I know right, was gonna say that.
Topic addressed fully and openly in my post created over 4 weeks ago. Thanks for the compliments!

Wait silver, your second picture wasn't taken with the first xD
Yeah, I submitted 1 day early, then the day of closing updated my posts with the snowball fight arena and tree. Once again, addressed in my post created over 4 weeks ago.

Thomas Grant

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Congratulations, especially to Silver! Well done! Your build inspired difficult competition, but nevertheless, you persisted and won! Great job, as always.


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My voucher didn't work sadly!
I have sent a purchase support thread, also a PM to Steven, but still nothing has happened. If any staff member could put word in for me to help me out, it'd be much appreciated!

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