1. GaminX

    Open Have a staff presence in skyblock

    Essential Information Minecraft Username: Gaminx Category: Staff Urgency: Soon Detailed Information Description: It'd be nice if the skyblock community could get a staff to pop in like once or twice a day for a couple hours just to check things out. Was told recently that staff doesnt care...
  2. M


    the skyblock sever seems to crash a good bit. I just figured I mine as well bring this to peoples attention
  3. superplex25

    Skyblock Lag

    Does anyone know if Skyblock is still lagging or not? I was on yesterday, and it was lagging real hard.
  4. SpaceBoyInSpace

    Locked out my Skyblock Island

    Hello! My user is SpaceBoyInSpace and I play on the Skyblock server. about 3 months ago, I logged onto the server to see that the island me and my girlfriend had been working had locked me out! When I went to my island home to check if it was still mines it took me to another player's island. If...
  5. Steven

    Announcement Skyblock Reset - June 1st 3pm EST

    Skyblock Reset + Overhaul Saturday, June 1st @ 3:00pm EST Hey guys, I'm very excited to be announcing our upcoming Skyblock reset this Saturday @ 3:00pm EST. We have poured months of work into this reset and we can't wait for you to enjoy it! This update is a complete overhaul, and we've...
  6. CyborgUnleashed

    Golem Spawner Despawns (Skyblock)

    After spending about 10 million in game dollars on an iron golem spawner we decided to make an iron golem grinder, and after finishing, my friend (who recorded this project) placed down the golem spawner, after less then a second the spawner dissapears from the in game world and inventories...
  7. Aspect

    Open Skyblock Key Prices

    So I am soon buying the Immortal rank on Skyblock and I get a lot of keys with the rank. I am planning on selling them and I need some honest prices. Also, I am trying to sell a rank key. I have no clue what a good price is for any of the keys is. If someone experienced could give me some prices...
  8. T

    Open Rank Upgrade | MVP to ELITE Prolem

    Hi, so I have MVP Rank right now and I'm looking to get Elite, but the problem is that I've never purchased anything on the store with real money, I was given the Rank token for free and I wanna upgrade to Elite but I don't wanna buy the Rank itself, just the upgrade, please help ASAP. Thank...
  9. Stagnate

    Well Hello there..

    Hey There! My name is Devin in real life, but most people just call me Stag. I have recently just joined the server and decided to create a forums account as you can see. I have always been into SkyBlock, but this server is just somewhat unique and that's why I've made the decision to play...
  10. E

    Off to a great start...

    Best start ever (sarcasm). Me? I hate the server now because of a stupid thing called captchas. Here it is: I'm trying to log on to the server for the first time (skyblock) and I have to go through a chest UI captcha. I grab the green a couple of times, when all of a sudden, it just KICKS me! I...
  11. God

    Skyblock team

    Alright lads, this is God talking. As the title says, I'm looking for a team in the upcoming skyblock server. Looking for members who know how to play and progress skyblock. Anyone who's interested PM in discord @ wintertime#1714 or here in forums. Best if you are: Around GMT timezone and age...