1. Aesteroth

    Announcement Issue Connecting to ? - try

    Issue Connecting to ? - try
  2. Kevades

    Announcement Easter Build Competition 2020 - Winners

    Easter Build Competition - 2020 April 5th - April 14th We are extremely excited to announce the first build competition this year and the first build competition in months! You don't want to miss out on this event! So what are the rewards you can win? 1st Place - ULTRA RANK and a Special...
  3. Steven

    Announcement Skyblock Reset - June 1st 3pm EST

    Skyblock Reset + Overhaul Saturday, June 1st @ 3:00pm EST Hey guys, I'm very excited to be announcing our upcoming Skyblock reset this Saturday @ 3:00pm EST. We have poured months of work into this reset and we can't wait for you to enjoy it! This update is a complete overhaul, and we've...