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  1. MLGPearl

    Twinkie problem

    What's a twinkie?
  2. MLGPearl

    Open New Spawn....

    Maybe make the parkour wrap around one of those buildings in the background.
  3. MLGPearl

    Open Transfer

    That's ok. Was just wondering. If I win that account giveaway, I want to transfer my rank and all from that account to my normal one. Nevermind then lol.
  4. MLGPearl

    FadingGone Account giveaway

    That's why I plan on trying to transfer the things from this account to my normal one if I win.
  5. MLGPearl

    Open Transfer

    Is there a way I can transfer all of my stuff (including rank) from one account to the other?
  6. MLGPearl

    FadingGone Account giveaway

    If I am allowed, then 123
  7. MLGPearl

    Mute Confusion

    I see a bunch of people on the list getting muted for "Skycade". I know Skycade is Jack's server, but what are they doing that warrants a mute for that?
  8. MLGPearl

    Wait when did you get staff? Congrats tho

    Wait when did you get staff? Congrats tho
  9. MLGPearl

    No matter what others say, I think you're a good mod.

    No matter what others say, I think you're a good mod.
  10. MLGPearl

    Hear me out, my friends.

    I'm like, almost crying because of how beautiful and well put this was, Lynn. Really. I see a lot of people on the server bullying or harassing others and it really pains me to see. Another thing is that people often use the word 'autistic' as an insult. That hurts me more than they can...
  11. MLGPearl

    I forgot how to delete claims....

    /abandonclaim or /unclaim, both work. Stand inside it and do that.
  12. MLGPearl


    Nah, It's still in my own claim as he didn't have enough claim block.
  13. MLGPearl


    Makes sense. Not married or anything. I sold them a house and if they haven't been on I'd like the house back.
  14. MLGPearl


    Can someone check for me how long ago the last time was that MathiasPultera was online on the server?
  15. MLGPearl


    Yeah lol. Just wanting to find where I built my house and see if I can think of something better to build there.
  16. MLGPearl


    Does anyone know the seed for the Roleplay Survival world?