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  1. IronWilder

    Open Poll for me to get my Ultra rank and Claims back

    Ello Ello Ello, how y'all doin? Well I've come back to see Mr. Cytosematic has copped me claims. Not poggers. I'd ask said sematic would return 'em. Furthermore I was curious if the return of my [Ultra] rank was possible, seeing as it was given (not purchased) to my IronWilder account. A...
  2. IronWilder

    Open Any OG's remember me?

    Hi, not dead. Hehe
  3. IronWilder

    Open Im not DED

    Hey yall just wanted to leave (for good) and let some stuff be known, this is gonna be SUPER informal so bear with me. First off. Thanks to all Iron Co. employees I will be leaving and you guys were just spectactular. I loved having you as employees, best of luck. All my fortune will go to...
  4. IronWilder

    Open Newest Iron Co. Service!

    Hello everyone Its me IronWilder and today I have some great news! Iron Co. is now branching out into Business Consultanting! We will teach you how to run a business; Be it a shop, store, club, building firm, etc. We are here to help! We will teach you how to effectively run a discord server...
  5. IronWilder

    Open A Little Update

    Hello everyone its me Iron again, and Im glad to share you some news concerning Warp Iron and some new stuff coming soon! For those who don't know Ive been working on several new projects, specifically a new shop and new section of Warp Iron. Warp Iron has been receiving tons of new updates...
  6. IronWilder

    Open Alrighty looks like we destroyed a crucial part of Humanity

    The title is not clickbait just overexagerration (But not that exagerated). So if for those older players you might of remembered a time when it was ok to be offended. Not to the point of suicide or self harm, but enough to be uncomfortable. For those not old enough to know this time (Server's...
  7. IronWilder

    Open How dead is the forums?

    Do you think the forums are dead? Or just ignored? It used to have a new thread every 30 minutes and not just player reports :D But sadly it seems the forums is more of a tool then a place to chill out :(
  8. IronWilder

    Open New Forums Look?

    So I wanted to know what everyone thinks about the new forums look! Personally I find it strange, but in a weird way kind of like it! After some exploration through the forums I can see how the staff streamlined a few features, did away with some others, and added some new ones. I think it will...
  9. IronWilder

    Open IronWilder: Suggestion

    Essential Information Minecraft Username: IronWilder Category: SkittleMC Server Detailed Information Description: New Hot-warps/Hot-warp Suggestor: I think we all know the three supposedly most popular warps on SkittleMC also known as "hot warps". However since these warps aren't determined...
  10. IronWilder

    Open IronWilder: Suggestion

    Essential Information Minecraft Username: IronWilder Category: SkittleMC Server Detailed Information Description: Economy Statistic Tracker - This Plug-In would help make player shops more viable and interesting by adding details about all player shops made by a single person. This would at...
  11. IronWilder

    Open /warp Iron ~ Shopping at its Best

    Hello everyone Im back again to talk about my newly Re-opened shop /warp Iron !! This shop has been a pet project of mine for some time now and Im proud to announce after a few weeks of getting ready we are fully open and now offering more items than ever! This includes: Podzol, Coarse Dirt...
  12. IronWilder

    Open Massive Brick Mansion for Sale! - $110m!

    Hello Once again Im selling a massive property! This one is personally one of my favorites it reminds me of Charles Xavier's mansion from the X-Men. It is massive and consists of two main wings and central chilling area, the house is incredibly detailed and has beautiful landscaping and several...
  13. IronWilder

    Open Massive Colonial Ship for Sale! - $25m!

    Hello there friends of SkittleMC I am selling this massive war ship for 25m! Screenshots are downbelow, first come first serve! First person to PM me on the forums requesting the sale of the ship will get it! The warp is /warp IronBoat to look around in person! The screenshots have the main...
  14. IronWilder

    Open Well guys I guess it’s time to hit the road

    So um, it’s me IronWilder probably for the last time in a while... I’ve recently realized that this server is getting a little too much for me, I’ve lost most of my friends, I have received some very serious ddos threats, and I’ve just grown board with stuff. So I’m going to take a break for who...
  15. IronWilder

    Open I present IronMaps!

    Hello amazing people of SkittleMC! Its me IronWilder back at it again with another shop! Today I have the pleasure of showing you my newest shop... /warp IronMaps !! This hop revolutionaries map art so its easy to find and affordable for newer players! We offer hundreds of map arts and none of...
  16. IronWilder


    Okay Okay so I once met someone who made an Imperial Star Destroyer or a "Large Space Ship" and Im trying to find who did it or where it is! If you could help me out Id be super grateful.
  17. IronWilder

    Open IronWilder: Suggestion [naming mobs to prevent despawning]

    Essential Information Minecraft Username: IronWilder Category: SkittleMC Server Detailed Information Description: I propose that when you name a mob like a golem or a horse it doesn't despawn. By using a nametag you can have a pet to chill out at your base. Pros: You get some cool friends...
  18. IronWilder

    Open /Warp Iron !!! Replacing /warp Unicorn !!!

    Everyone Im proud to announce after many weeks of collecting resources /warp Iron is now open! The best place to buy items from the loneliest Repeater to the Magnificent Beacon! We have it all! Take a look! "It looks nice, right?" "Yeah" - Siruoha "Wow this place is cool!" -Some Guy "Iron...
  19. IronWilder

    Open Time to leave...

    Hey guys its IronWilder here for the last time... The server has gotten so toxic and people are so mean, I also have lost tons of friends who quit and it makes me sad. Furthermore I got life to worry about and tests and stuff. So Ill be splitting up my fortune; Iron Co. and my main base go to...
  20. IronWilder

    Open Staff what’s going on?

    Alrighty so you all have probably been wondering what’s going to happen to our staff team now that ph0nx is gone, I know I have. Like today I saw Trainees marking out apps. Staff team what’s gonna happen?