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  1. Raj

    Open xUni: Suggestion [End dragon]

    Will be doing this for sure in the near future. Can't see any reason not to tbh
  2. Raj

    Open xUni: Suggestion [Add events]

    I asked her to tag me in suggestion posts last night. Overall, the concept needs nice, but there's going to be a lot of fine tuning, balancing, and other changes before it could potentially be added. I'll defo add it to the priority list on our Trello though
  3. Raj

    Open Server stuffs

    Will defo look into the hub suggestions part, as we did recently commission a brand new hub, so a full revamp alongside it would be nice. As for the other suggestions, some can be worked on (Crate nerfs, etc), but some are just impossible or unwise to do ("nerfing" coin flips for example).
  4. Raj

    Open [SUGGESTION] in game Support Chat!

    I feel like this wouldn't exactly be viable from a staff perspective, as our chat gets absolutely spammed as is with the clutter that is normal public chat, as well as socialspy. Plus, Discord is the best way to get in contact with staff, and for the people who can't get on the Discord server...
  5. Raj

    Important Voting Links
  6. Raj

    Open QualterZam: Suggestion

    Was already planning on implementing this soon.
  7. Raj

    My Legend Rank

    Make a Donation Support thread and tag me, and then I'll get right to it.
  8. Raj

    Open [Protest/Rant] Chargebacking - Irl deals

    I didn't change it "right after" she got banned. It was changed for a while before that but never updated on a few forums clients apparently (Most likely due to caching and/or cookie issues). Tested it from my old laptop and it showed me the old forums rules and crap, so that may be a potential...
  9. Raj

    Open Important

    Like I said before, we don't do rank transfers.
  10. Raj

    Resolved 434_: Purchase Issue

    Thanks, will fix. Should be set to give you your coins upon login
  11. Raj

    Open [Protest/Rant] Chargebacking - Irl deals

    Uni, it's not my fault that: 1. You apparently have no semblance of common sense at all 2. You can't fathom simple English You seriously can't expect that having other people buy you stuff is encouraged by us, right? Also, it's explicitly stated that chargebacks equal a chargeback, so if...
  12. Raj

    Open Important

    We don't do rank transfers.
  13. Raj

    Resolved 434_: Purchase Issue

    I don't see any payments under "434" at all, and there were no payments made for "434_" on April 19th. Mind providing the Buycraft Confirmation Email?
  14. Raj

    Pik_A_Boo got banned for toxicity?!

    Pik_A_Boo was actually banned quite some time ago, but I never formally added it to the official ban list until now.
  15. Raj

    Closed 434_: Purchase Issue

    First of all, you shouldn't be doing any sort of IRL deal at all. Secondly, since the "product" in this case (The OptiFine Cape), has nothing to do with SkittleMC, we can't really do anything about it. Ticket Closed
  16. Raj

    How Much CPS (clicks per second) do you all get?
  17. Raj

    Closed WARPING IN PVP: Suggestion

    We're not going to reenable warping in PvP.
  18. Raj

    For @Steven

    NGL, didn't expect anyone to actually do this. Couldn't give you Immortal rank, but gave you Hero instead. Enjoy!
  19. Raj

    Open xUni: Suggestion [Skyblock suggestions]

    Will take this into consideration.