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  1. Sophie Mesallum

    Open swphie [Ignore Player Bodies]: Suggestion

    Essential Information Minecraft Username: swphie [Ignore Player Bodies] Category: SkittleMC Server Detailed Information Description: I suggest you add a possibility for players to "ignore" other player's bodies. If you're in your house and someone is annoying you or blocking the areas where...
  2. Sophie Mesallum

    poll time (vote pls)

    Vote for this poll, I will close it after 7 days, (Staff should vote too) hehe, *insert finger cross picture*
  3. Sophie Mesallum

    All About thiccsophie

    well hello there my thicc fellas, my name is thiccsophie, call me Sophie. I'm 14 years old and my fave food is pizza. My Minecraft "Talent" is building or doing interior and bedwars lol I own the most famous strip club, not to brag just tellin yall I don't like math and calculations and this...
  4. Sophie Mesallum


    My creation is an official store for SkittleMC, It's the Gucci Store, made of pure 100% leather extracted from floral biome cows, enchanted "with love" for real, not just anything, all products come with a receipt. Which shows that you bought a product from the store and used as proof you...
  5. Sophie Mesallum

    I've had enough..

    My naem thiccsophie Kid's naem xForLife When : 5:12 AM Egypt's time idk Proof : I actually hope he doesn't get a simple kick because this child was spamming, used fishing rods to kick people out of the warp (glitch them) so I'd like this child to get a fair ban...
  6. Sophie Mesallum

    Are Staff Dead?

    -- START -- IGN: Shophie Describe your problem with as much detail as possible: First off, staff are literally dead, I barely see them solving players' issues, or even online, but in /v, having fun? playing? you can ask other players, but that's how I see it, I suggest actually looking well at...