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  1. Lexie

    on jah

    on jah
  2. Lexie


    When "No unbans" is put in a punishment, it means you are not permitted to purchase an unban, so you would have to serve out a full sentence rather than just immediately get out of the punishment. @Happytimes
  3. Lexie


    Well, we can't just be giving out a hundred chances to people just because they promise to fix their attitude when it they keep repeating the actions that cause them to end up banned. It just turns into a loop to where they apologize then continue to break the rules to get them punished.
  4. Lexie


    Usually when a player is blacklisted, it's due to them being given multiple chances and always failing to fix their attitude towards the server. Also players each get 3 bans, why would we make that into 4? You're expected to fix your act after the first punishment.
  5. Lexie


    If a player was banned or blacklisted, it was for a reason. I could only see this causing issues.