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    This is what happens when I get bored

    I created a Sugar cane farm, it had 20 plants, fully automatic very nice... but it wasnt producing enough.... https://prnt.sc/n0siya 240 sugar cane plants, full automatic, and the redstone on the outside goes to a button, when I press that button every single piston activates at exactly the...
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    What up

    What up
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    If you are under 15 you cannot reply to this post

    Here comes cyto to ruin the fun
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    If you are under 15 you cannot reply to this post

    Nope I just wanted to mess with your head... Yes for real
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    Open myself

    Wow, Thank you LmCow, I get that things are alittle rough and Im glad I could be of help, but Im sure if you just take a small break you will be able to get a breath and come back fresh, it can be alot at times, but its a great community thats worth a second chance.
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    People playing minecraft for 5 hours+ straight

    I started wearing glasses at a very young age before my family even had a computer so my eyesight is screwed anyway, since then Ive worked call center jobs where I am to stare at a computer screen all day and my eyesight hasnt gotten worse.
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    Cyto, this is for you

    Oh of course not Cyto is of impecable morals
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    Cyto, this is for you

    Update: Cyto has caved to my demands, and in course with our agreement the water and lava has been removed.
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    Rules Question

    What are the rules in regards to advertising illicit drugs? IE cocaine.
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    upgrade vip to legends

    However I can assure you having paid for Legendz rank myself, It is well worth the money.
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    Hello Members of Staff

    I have decided to start collecting Staff Autographs, I have one from Taylor, Twin, and Cyto, I would like to request one from each staff for my collection. I will not sell them, I will not copy them, I just want a full set
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    Cyto, this is for you

    For those of you who ARENT Cyto, a while back cyto spammed my claim with signs declaring it as his, so I made it /warp CytosLawn This is me surrounding his lawn in lava and putting it under water to spite him.
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    unban problem

    Lazered its not minimodding, someone put a general discussion chat, Happy times has a right to ask questions. Technically this post should have been done in punishment appeals.
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    unban problem

    Happytimes, it looks like we have, block glitching, promoting IRL Deals, Ban Evasion, spamming, hacked clients up to 5, an appeal that was accepted on the 6th but it states no more unbans after that. banned as an alt, and appeal accepted recently...
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    Open Suggestion

    Bigeldon Certain players do have that version of World Edit, they are known as Rainbow Ranks.
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    Open Can u Guys do this PLEASE i ask the STAFF

    Sidenote: Twin, what hes talking about is https://buy.skittlemc.com/category/1075060 There is no legend->ultra. most likely because ultra is the top tier rank (other than the special occasion rainbow) and discounting the best is usually not a great idea when it comes to buisness. expecially when...
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    And to be honest Bigdeldon mutes arent that big of a deal, most people who do appeals do it for bans since those actually restrict you from playing, not being able to type for 5 minutes isnt that big of a deal
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    Claim Controls

    Minecraft Username: AngelWholf Category: Suggestion Urgency: Low There should be an ability to remove unwanted people from your claim. Description: Someone either finds your claim or is /tpa by someone who is already on your claim. they immediately start to get in your way while you build...
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    Open How do you sell tags

    /ah sell (price)