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  • hey, I recently joined onto play.datpixel.com to see that it had somehow been mixed with skittlesmc. I had a paid for rank on dat pixel along with many great mansions and I would like to know what happened.
    The direct IP to that server is old.datpixel.net. It is not affiliated with SkittleMC.
    Hey, I hate to bother you again but there is a glitch. I placed my player head, then decided to move it and it did the animation where it goes into your inv but it's not actually in my inv... it's gone. Could I possibly get a replacement? I also lost a torch and 2 wool blocks.
    Hi diamond , i recently bought 3 June bundles and i got the rank platinum from one of them, I didn't mean to click it and it gave me platinum but here is the problem. my rank i had previously was V.I.P and when i was V.I.P i was in ./god platinum's do not get ./god so i am stuck in god mode forever i also cannot change my suffix or chat and use ./craft and other commands. please fix
    hi diamond i need some help why i lost my rank(premium rank) and i want to understand what i can do about it if i can get another rank or something else pls answear me (from datpixel player)
    Diamond sorry to bother you but can you roll back my inventory I was rodded out and lost ultra once amror and legend once and a pvp sword (sharpness 23) and my god sword and god bow please I was rodded out and the people that did idmitted it in my videos in the chat if you are able to hear what I’m saying I say what they messaged me in chat
    Can i please know about my ultra rank problem
    What do you mean? I don’t see a Ultra under your purchases in our system at all.
    i won it in a rank crate hawkftw said you would handle it
    hackors he wont do anything hes a piece of shit i got fishing rodded into pvp wich isnt allowed in the first place fishing rodded into pvp zone killed lost my ultraonce this cunt refuses to replace my gear i lost to a person who RODDED ME OUT INTO PVP is this fuckwad would have been doing his JOB it wouldnt have happened
    u would've ran back into the safe zone,and ultra once armor is VERY strong so it takes atleast a minute to kill someone in full ultra once armor so you had plenty of time to run back into the safe zone.SCAM DEPUNKED,DO NOT TRY TO SCAM STAFF OUT OF ARMOR SO YOU WITH YOUR SCAMMER SELLF CAN SELL IT FOR MONEY.scammer
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