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  • Hello, When I made the E-mail I made the birthday wrong my real one is 2002/10/7 Year/Month/Day So I hope the admin change It to the real one.
    Hey Diamond. I still haven't revieved my august bundle and its been almost 20 days. Could you look into it again?
    Hey as a reply to your reply i do not know i just remember i had 7 or 8 left and 2 min later they were gone
    Hello I'm assuming you're DiamondCruster, I recently made a ban appeal and another staff member tagged you in it, this was about 2 weeks ago. I was hoping you could check it, I'm very impatient.
    hey diamond! i had made a post about this before but i have been told to ask you, i am in the process of making a mansion for my group called the wolf pack, but the problem is its about 850k blocks and this would take us forever to flatten with our separate time schedules, can you please help?
    Hi, I just changed my minecraft username (from Ozone48 to CyberPlazma) and I don't have perms on my chestshops anymore : I can't break them or open them. Do you think you or someone else could help me fix that ? Thanks
    Yes of course!
    yes I have not received the bundle yet.
    Also I bought 2 more bundles 2 days ago and received those but my first august bundle I did not receive.
    I got permanently banned and I tried to withdraw my 8.25 mil but it wouldn't work so I put it on /ah so I could get my money back. turns out I got banned and I'm wondering why so I thought you could help me out here
    (turbo dash -SOTPGOOGLE -boss rank) I wish I would've known before but now I know and I would like to play the server again please.
    Just bought the August bundle, used my rank key, Watched it land on Ultra, only to have plus in my inventory... If you could please check into this, that would be fantastic. Thank you.
    Hey um I had an Ultra rank and it got downgraded to plus i dont know what to do and i would really like my rank back .:(
    Hey @Diamond i am going to try buy few july bundles in few hours again, and do u know how long it can take before u can figure out that my last 2 or 3 july bundles, cheers.

    Thank you for upgrading me in the system to Elite, however by the time anyone got around to that I had already bought Legend so in essence I kinda missed out. I appreciate it though as I know you guys can get pretty swamped.
    AT&T screwed up and gave me their 100mb package, then revoked it... However we are finally running on that fiber connection now :)
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