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  • Hey Diamond, can you please get me 2 heads of each of my build team members. I'd like to give em each 1 for Christmas and need 1 for the city hall. Thanks. I have a space made at /warp OrangesHeads for them.
    I don't think it works like that.
    can you please help eme i lost 18million on roleplay server. and i have already posted a bug report and sent a email help report thingy and still have gotten no answer. and i hale also spoken with ethan the moderator he siad he would get a moderator to credit the money back but nothing has happened and that was 11 days ago. can you please help me
    Is there chance u can check my post again :C i dont wanna that one player get free 2 rank tokens...
    Tag me once more if you haven’t if I was tagged in your appeal/report/thread/application ect. I’ll be sitting down and dedicating today to do all of those including purchase support.
    hey diamond, I got perm banned over a month ago and I've appealed and got it accepted. Though, I'm still banned from the store? Is there any way I can be unbanned from the store? I'm interested in buying ultra and the window is closing like right now. I don't want to miss this!
    Hello, When I made the E-mail I made the birthday wrong my real one is 2002/10/7 Year/Month/Day So I hope the admin change It to the real one.
    Hey Diamond. I still haven't revieved my august bundle and its been almost 20 days. Could you look into it again?
    Hey as a reply to your reply i do not know i just remember i had 7 or 8 left and 2 min later they were gone
    Hello I'm assuming you're DiamondCruster, I recently made a ban appeal and another staff member tagged you in it, this was about 2 weeks ago. I was hoping you could check it, I'm very impatient.
    hey diamond! i had made a post about this before but i have been told to ask you, i am in the process of making a mansion for my group called the wolf pack, but the problem is its about 850k blocks and this would take us forever to flatten with our separate time schedules, can you please help?
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