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    Ehh.. I like to check in from time to time.

    Ehh.. I like to check in from time to time.
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    Nah bro, no purchases found :(

    Nah bro, no purchases found :(
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    Server: Fixed an issue where mobs wouldn't actually clear Adjusted ClearLag message so it would stand out more (may still me buggy) Adjusted the ClearLag interval to 10 minutes Added Player Heads Updated the /ah layout Updated the server tablist (slightly) Updated the save messages so they can...
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    Closed xUni: Suggestion

    Closed To be honest, I'm not very keen on adjusting an economy that's been running for this long. If we ever do a reset (we aren't planning to for a looooong time) this can be taken into consideration.
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    Closed Rekt_Scrubz: Suggestion

    Closed See above.
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    Closed BrokenDawn36146's Suggestion: Banned Gadgets At Spawn

    Closed Thanks for brining this to our attention, I'll look into this.
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    Closed BrokenDawn36146's Suggestion: SkittleMC Awards

    Closed Cool idea, but I think a better idea would be to implement leaderboards. I'll look into this soon :)
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    Closed BrokenDawn36146's Suggestion: More Prefix Options

    Closed I get more of an "achievement" idea with this. We already offer custom suffixes so I don't really see the need to change your prefix as well. I'll look into the options though ^^
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    Closed Hades: Suggestion

    Closed More information would've been useful, but we'll look into this. Thanks :)
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    Closed cocy: Suggestion

    Closed This will be implemented soon, thanks guys :)
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    Closed How_About_Nope: Suggestion

    Closed This seems like something we can do :) I'll look into the possibilities shortly.
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    Closed AmFroot: Suggestion

    Closed We're already "sort-of" doing this. There was an Ultra giveaway not too long ago, but we'll take your input into account :)
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    Closed Ashley_20: Suggestion

    Closed We're aware and are looking into this. Expect updates soon.
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    Closed TechnologyIsLife: Suggestion

    Closed See above.
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    Closed CravingBanana: Suggestion

    Closed Your examples don't seem to be working, but I sort of get your idea. I'll look into it.