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  • I got permanently banned and I tried to withdraw my 8.25 mil but it wouldn't work so I put it on /ah so I could get my money back. turns out I got banned and I'm wondering why so I thought you could help me out here
    (turbo dash -SOTPGOOGLE -boss rank) I wish I would've known before but now I know and I would like to play the server again please.
    Please do not comment/ask questions on this profile. You will not receive a response.
    Hi, I've recently been banned from this website for 1 day why`d I get banned
    Creating false reports.
    I was ultra I was congacongaconga and I accidently right clicked a plat token
    I lost it and now I am stuck as jeb
    pls help and fix
    hey i was wondering if i could apply for staff i have been apart of the skittles mc family for a while i dont have any rank sadly i wasnt sure how to apply or if there where any spots avaliable i would really like to join your staff team! If you have anyanswers Please please help m out
    sorry one of the requirements 2 b staff is you can't b a horse girl
    Heisenberg i bought the legend rank but i never recieved it so i bought it again but still im very dissapointed
    apparently skittlemc has merged with dat pixel. Because of this, I lost my paid for rank and three huge mansions. Can anyone help me with this?
    hey Heisenburg,
    I go by the name "charliegungun" on the skittleMC server. I would love to apply and help the skittle server grow by helping the people of minecraft

    I am writing this form to let you know I would love to join your working force! <3

    I do have discord if u would like to chat in the future.

    Thanks for understanding
    Hi! I recently tried to sell a house on Skittle.mc, however the person I tried to sell it to; "manfat", killed me and claimed the house before I had had a chance to. If you could help me get my house back, that would be amazing. Thank you and have a nice day!
    BlockMasterPQ has been hacking on Sky block and he game me a book for some thing but I don't want to click the link incase it give me a bug or gives me hacks
    Hi so I need help. I recently purchased an electra and it was going good until it randomly disappeared this morning, along with a good portion of the items in my chest. If there is anything you can do, that would be great. My username is candyGirl_2001 on the server.
    I need help with something... I recently bought a legend rank because it was on sale and for some reason, I didn't get it. I kept trying to quit and joining back into the game, but it still never showed up! I hope you can help me with this situation. If you need proof of purchase, just talk to me here on my outlook account ([email protected]) By the way, my username is, "XAndroidConnorX"
    I bought 9 bucket of lava and when i put it down and put water on top it not only did the lava disappear it took my other 8 buckets i would be very grateful if you can help me get my 9 lava buckets or a refund if you can't help at least thanks for listening to my problem My name in Minecraft is DerianMaster123 if you can help
    Hey, Sorry if I'm bothering you right now, but I was playing this server recently, and I did /home... As soon as I logged on I saw that someone had claimed my land, and now I can't get my stuff back. Their account is ArnasGaming. The person who built it can prove that it's mine if I can't convince you that it really was my plot.
    Did you not claim it yourself?
    I did claim it! But this person somehow took it!
    My House I buit was being sold and someone took the house named Bigmanben and is his possesion and not my customers
    If you could help that would be great
    hi is there any way i could possibly get opped on t he servers, ive been wanting to be able to find a server where i can play, be opped and then kick hackers?
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