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    Historia's Goodbye.

    everyone left now, no one is left for when i return :(
  2. Cole_Coles

    Welcome to the classroom of the elite

    thats concerning
  3. Cole_Coles

    Open Farewell skitholio

    im sad too :(
  4. Cole_Coles

    Open New Spawn....

    good sht zycho i'll be expecting this as i return to skittle
  5. Cole_Coles

    Twinkie problem

    its not a candy bar :(
  6. Cole_Coles

    Open Farewell skitholio

    then make less
  7. Cole_Coles

    Open Farewell skitholio

    your signature is atrociously large.
  8. Cole_Coles

    Suggestion for Staff Apps

    I agree, this would make the community happier, now that they would "get to know" a staff member before they're accepted, and could help make their opinion on it.
  9. Cole_Coles

    Hear me out, my friends.

    No its not...Its a flourishing butterfly of sex.
  10. Cole_Coles

    Why does rainbow rank get this

    he needs us to fund his college thats y he added it cheap ass. raj is good, but i think he should be supporting the players more.
  11. Cole_Coles

    Why does rainbow rank get this

    Worldedit wasn't made for public use.
  12. Cole_Coles

    Why does rainbow rank get this

    Skittle is turning into Datpixel. Just look at all the shit they're doing. Rainbow is simply Admin on datpixel. Steven is so money hungry at this point. Also Matthew, a lot of people used to pvp, including myself. It was one of the most profitable ways to make money. But now that everyone will...
  13. Cole_Coles

    Open Farewell skitholio

    Hey skittle players, this is Virus. I decided I would quit skittle. I literally don't play it at all anymore. I could return in the future, I'm just spending my time doing things more important than block game. I truely did have a fun time messing sh*t up in pvp. If you want to stay in contact...
  14. Cole_Coles

    My introduction

    hiva you generally piss me off with adverts disguised as a intro, everyone knows u :/
  15. Cole_Coles

    Lying about sales

    hiva quit being a dick