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  1. Colby Ness
    Colby Ness
    Working on minecraft plugins
  2. CravingBanana
    Hmm... Is it bad that the only reason I seem to be worried about North Korea striking is that I can't play Minecraft online? xD
    1. Wrk
      Lol, I hope that they don’t strike where you are.
      Sep 26, 2017 at 10:27 PM
  3. CravingBanana
    CravingBanana optic_cat5587
  4. CravingBanana
    CravingBanana IronWilder
    Good luck in future life Iron, we'll miss you <3
  5. Tomplayz...DUH
    Sun i wil b staf loozerz i proMiz u i wiL b a grate staf memburrr i luv u aul -mee
  6. BrokenDawn36146
  7. StarGames
    StarGames Phoenix
    Phoenix please help, I bought the Legend rank, but I didn't get it! My IGN is StarGames please look into it!
    1. I'm The Victim
      I'm The Victim
      Sep 26, 2017 at 9:38 PM
  8. God
  9. Rune
    Ello ^^ New to Skittles but not Minecraft!
  10. Colby Ness
  11. Colby Ness
    Colby Ness BirkNordbo
    Hello I was not scamming on ah
  12. xNuked_MaticASF
    xNuked_MaticASF Phoenix
    hey dude its me again and i want to know if stealing is bannable bcs yesterday a guy aksed me if he can live with me he said he wont steal and i tell staff if he does today i come on and all my diamonds are gone,and i somehow lost 200k.hes IGN is xXThe_GamerXx and i can send you screenshots
    please reply
  13. KevinxWo
    i try buying Legend rank, but paypal isnt working , maybe a glitch or paypal just isnt working :(
  14. Wrk
    Male, just turned 13. Looking into becoming Staff.
    1. CravingBanana
      Good luck but you can't just become staff, you have to apply which I'm sure you already know. I've seen your application and wish you the best of luck <3
      Sep 26, 2017 at 10:11 PM
    2. Wrk
      -CravingBanana- Thanks!
      Sep 26, 2017 at 10:26 PM
  15. DroidRazer
    DroidRazer Diamond
    Diaaammonnnnddd! why did you change your profile pic. Im upset. :(
  16. Kitten107
    Kitten107 Phoenix
    Hi I Just Wanted To Know If You Could Change My Date Of Birth To 1996 Could You Do That???
    I Didn't Mean To Put 1999
  17. BryanTuberMC
  18. BryanTuberMC
  19. BryanTuberMC
  20. Colby Ness
    Colby Ness
    Why Did i get permbanned